SPRING CLEANING: Clearing litter after messy weekend weather

Published: Apr. 25, 2022 at 9:26 PM CDT
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DULUTH, MN. (KBJR 6) -- With the spring melt-off and a rainy, windy weekend, many Duluth neighborhoods were littered with trash Monday.

Community members like Lake Superior College student Raleigh Boe think it’s a big problem.

“My main issue with it is the leakage into the lake and how that affects our potable water because that’s where our water comes from,” Boe said. “Lake Superior is connected to the ocean so it can also leak out into there.”

Community and city leaders said one of the best things you can do to make sure that trash doesn’t end up in the water is to make sure it ends up where it’s supposed to be - in the garbage can.

Boe hopes to study marine biology. He said Duluth could take more action toward sustainability.

“I wish the city would start a green initiative here in Duluth,” Boe said. “I don’t know much if there is one, but I do know the main focus has been modernizing the town.”

The city of Duluth recently received Love Your Block blight grants which organizers said are focused on the community.

“We’re really encouraging folks to get out, just grabbing a bag and cleaning your block, cleaning your neighborhood, really connecting with your neighbors,” said Sarah Erickson, a Love Your Block fellow.

She said cleaning up is about more than the environment.

“It’s important from a safety standpoint, it’s safety for humans, safety for wildlife,” Erickson said.

And for Boe, when it comes to environmental practices he said thinking about the future is top of mind.

“For us to not be doing our part to be better for the next generations to be able to enjoy the same things that we enjoyed in this life is pretty disheartening,” Boe said.

Keep Duluth Clean, a city-supported clean-up organization postponed its annual spring clean due to last weekend’s weather. Instead, they will be hosting it this Saturday.

To find out more about that, you can click here.

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