LET IT BEE: Superior City Council approves “No Mow May” resolution

Published: Apr. 19, 2022 at 9:33 PM CDT
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SUPERIOR, WI. (KBJR 6) -- No Mow May. That will be the motto for the city of Superior next month.

An avid gardener and nature lover, Superior City Councilor Ruth Ludwig led the charge for residents to let their lawns be.

“Our pollinators and other insects, in the springtime, are looking for food,” Ludwig said. “And if we are too quick to mow our grass and pull those dandelions, we are taking away important food for our pollinators.”

No Mow May, first adopted in Appleton, Wisconsin a couple of years ago, is exactly what it sounds like. For May, residents are encouraged not to mow their lawns.

“It’s become a movement internationally as we come to realize how important it is that we provide more food for our pollinators species versus taking their food away,” Ludwig said.

Tuesday, the Superior City Council voted to approve the resolution, meaning city parks won’t be mowed during May and residents will be encouraged to do the same.

“I thought the ‘No Mow May’ resolution was going to be common sense, simple, fun policy. I was surprised to see how big a deal it is,” said Mayor Jim Paine. “Apparently we got national recognition for even considering it, it’s not very common. And for what it’s worth, I saw my first butterfly in the yard today.”

Ludwig said this movement is helpful not only to pollinators but to humans as well. According to the Department of Agriculture, one of every three bites of human food depends on pollinators.

“Providing food for our pollinators, which in the end provides food for us, so it’s a full circle,” Ludwig said.

For May, Superior’s ordinance about lawn care will not be enforced, to help encourage people to participate in No Mow May.

To learn more about No Mow May, click here.

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