‘Love It Like We Do’: Duluth’s new plan to attract tourists to the area

"Love It Like We Do": Duluth's new plan to attract tourists to the area
Published: Apr. 11, 2022 at 7:46 PM CDT
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DULUTH, MN. (KBJR) -- At the DECC on Monday, The Duluth Tourism Collaborative unveiled its new marketing campaign to bring visitors to Duluth.

The new slogan at the heart of it is “Love It Like We Do”.

The Duluth Tourism Collaborative includes representatives from the city of Duluth, Visit Duluth, the DECC and two Twin Cities-based organizations, Bellmont Partners and Lawrence & Schiller.

As part of their research effort, the Tourism Collaborative conducted extensive surveys on a variety of topics pertaining to travel trends and potential tourists’ knowledge of Duluth.

They said they found that many people want to experience the destinations they visit like locals do.

So they plan to highlight off-the-beaten-path attractions in addition to some of the more notable landmarks in Duluth.

According to collaborative member Laura Mitchell, after two years of the pandemic, people are eager to travel again and Duluth could see a very busy summer.

“I think one of the most surprising things that we found is how excited people are to get back out and travel, and Duluth is a part of their travel considerations. It’s really well suited to bring in a lot of diverse visitors,” said Mitchell, Vice President of Marketing for Lawrence and Schiller.

The tourism collaborative has classified travelers into three groups: families with kids, young adults looking for adventure, and active older people nearing retirement.

They plan to target their advertising differently toward each group.

They said they’re primarily targeting possible visitors within a 400-mile radius of Duluth, with extra effort going toward people within 200 miles of the region.

The collaborative also unveiled a new logo for the city of Duluth, listed below.

New Logo Design
New Logo Design(City of Duluth)

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