From Saxon to Lviv: Wisconsin man spends week volunteering in Ukraine

From Saxon to Lviv: Wisconsin man spends week volunteering in Ukraine
Published: Mar. 30, 2022 at 7:16 PM CDT
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LVIV, UKRAINE. (KBJR) -- Shane Wyzlic lives in Saxon, Wisconsin, but after watching the Russian invasion of Ukraine from afar, he decided to join the humanitarian aid movement on the ground.

He spent a week at the end of March in Ukraine, delivering supplies and helping refugees.

According to Wyzlic, the trip has been dramatic, very emotional, and he’s seen things he never thought he would.

Last week he flew to Poland to volunteer with a start-up humanitarian organization called Pomoc DLA Ukrainy.

He found them on Facebook after looking for ways he could help.

While working with other volunteers, he’s been filling up vans with supplies in Poland and delivering them into Ukraine.

Then Wyzlic and his fellow volunteers use the empty vans to bring refugees back over the border and help them find shelter in Poland.

According to Wyzlic, he’s shuttled all kinds of people, including young children who he’s helped feed.

All in all, Wyzlic said it’s been an emotional experience.

“When you see these people in the train station and the looks on their faces, it’s kind of overwhelming in a way. You see them walking with a packsack, and that’s all they were able to take from their home.”

He said he’s already planning a trip back, possibly as early as the end of April.

Wyzlic said in terms of safety, he didn’t have any interaction with Russian soldiers during his time in Ukraine, but did hear air raid sirens frequently and saw the destruction caused by Russian missiles.

While he’s home, he plans to continue doing fundraising before his next trip to Ukraine.

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