South Shore communities embrace a day in the snow

Published: Feb. 22, 2022 at 7:55 PM CST
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ASHLAND, WI. (KBJR) - The winter storm smacked Northwest Wisconsin, with places like Ashland and Washburn seeing more than two feet of snow in just the last two days.

Snow mixed with strong wind buried trees, cars, homes, and even our furry friends.

“Everything is white. It just keeps accumulating. It’s getting crazy amounts of snow here,” said Angela Nadke of Mason, Wisconsin.

Nadke said she’s never seen snow quite like this, but she and her family are staying warm.

Even her son made the trek to feed the family chickens.

“Walking down there, it was like up to his waist. It just swallowed him! We didn’t know where he went for a couple of minutes,” said Nadke.

It was another busy day of deliveries for the staff at Ashland’s Birth Center to ensure that even the newest community members were safe.

“Low pressure is known to bring babies, and those babies don’t know what the weather is like or how difficult it is to get to the place of delivery, and so they come when they want to,” said Savita Jones, a Wisconsin licensed midwife at the Ashland Birth Center.

Whether you’re jumping into the world or jumping into the snow, days like this are a good excuse to have some winter fun in Northern Wisconsin.

Both Ashland and Washburn declared a snow emergency on Monday, advising people in the area not to travel.

Those last into Wednesday.

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