RIDING THE RAIL: Riders from around the globe flock to Duluth for Red Bull event

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 7:01 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN -- Snowboarders, the unique rail riding event is back in Duluth!

Red Bull Heavy Metal is a fast-paced, free-for-all street snowboarding event that kicks off Sunday, January 16.

The single day snowboard contest was last held in 2003.

Cascade Park, where the event will take place, has a reputation for being a prime street snowboarding destination.

“This is like an urban street spot. A lot of people come here and it’s just one of those spots that’s like, legendary,” said Brett Stamper, a Duluth native who will be competing at Sunday’s event.

Stamper said he’s never participated in an event like this, but he hopes he can make his hometown proud.

“You know, I haven’t done something like this before but I’m definitely super excited to hit this stuff. It’s gonna be awesome,” he said.

The event will be split into three parts, each one providing a unique terrain to riders.

The first will be at the top of the hill, the second at the playground, and the third at the railing near the bottom of the hill.

Riders will score points in jam-style scoring, meaning all riders will be doing tricks at the same time trying to impress the judges.

Cascade Park, where the event is being held has quite a reputation among the street snowboard scene.

“This is like an urban street spot. A lot of people come here and it’s just one of those spots that’s like legendary,” said Stamper.

According to Taylor, riders will score points in Jam style, meaning everyone will be riding at once.

“Organized chaos is probably the best way to describe it,” he said.

Taylor said it maximizes the number of tricks riders can do.

Riders get to go whenever they’re ready. For an hour they just get to ride, and falls aren’t taken into account, it’s just the tricks landed,” he said.

He thinks it should inspire those riders to push their limits.

“With this many people here just kind of feeding off each other, I think we’re going to see some crazy stuff,” said Taylor.

The event kicks off Sunday around noon and features riders from all over the world.

It’s free for the public to attend.

For more information, head to their website.

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