Northlanders Unite to Celebrate Native American Heritage

Published: Nov. 13, 2021 at 11:27 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN. (KBJR) -- Indigenous history was taught and celebrated on Saturday in Duluth as part of Native American Heritage Month.

“Today is our Native American Heritage Day event. It’s an event we put on annually. I think it is our 4th year,” said Michele Hakala-Beeksma, American Indian Advisory Committee member.

The celebration shared stories and traditions of the earliest residents of the area.

“We’re here to share some stories, share history and culture related to Ojibwe,” said Hakala-Beeksma.

The event included lectures from members of the Ojibwe community and the unveiling of a new exhibit featuring pow wow regalia.

It’s a celebration of local Ojibwe culture, but that doesn’t mean attending the event was limited to Ojibwe people.

Organizers say their goal for the event was to bring people of different backgrounds together to learn.

“The objective is to break bread, Indian fry bread, share a feast, and learn from each other. There’s not a better way in our opinion to get to know your neighbor,” said Joanne Coombe, Saint Louis County Historical Society Executive Director.

The event brings together the Saint Louis County Historical Society and their American Indian Advisory Committee.

“The St Louis County Historical Society is working with our tribal partners and has an obligation to share that history through Ojibwe eyes and with Ojibwe voices, and we do that in any of our Ojibwe projects,” said Coombe.

Celebrating the history and culture from the Northland, long before it had that name.

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