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Five things to know ahead of the Wisconsin Primary

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Wisconsin's Partisan Primary is next week, and the Elections Commission says everyone should be aware of the following items. 

1.  You may only vote for candidates of one party in the primary.  Officials say unlike most other states, Wisconsin law only allows voters the freedom to choose which political party's primary they want to vote in without having to register to vote with a party affiliation or designation.  However, they may only vote within one party's primary on the August ballot. Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) Interim administrator Meagan Wolfe says if you make a mistake and vote for candidates in more than one party, you may ask for a new paper ballot, and if you don't ask for a new ballot, your vote won't be counted. 

2. You will need an acceptable photo ID to vote.  Wolfe says an acceptable photo ID could be a Wisconsin driver License or ID.  In addition, she says the acceptable ID for voting does not need to show your current address.  Anyone with questions regarding ID's should visit this website, or call 1-866-VOTE-WIS. 

3. Voters can find their polling place on the mobile-friendly MyVote Wisconsin website.  The website also provides directions to every polling place in the state, as well as what will be on the ballot, and if your registration is current. 

4. Your vote is secure.  Wolfe says the WEC hasn't found any evidence that the state's election systems have ever been compromised, and that extraordinary steps have been taken to make sure registration and counting systems are secure. If you're concerned about security, click here

5. Consider becoming a poll worker.  Many cities, villages and towns need help on Election Day, especially for the November general election.  Many places offer split shifts if you aren't able to help the entire day.  If you're interested, you're asked to contact your local municipal clerk's office for more information. 

Wisconsin polls open at 7 a.m., and will close at 8 p.m.

Eligible voters can register at the polls if they have a proof-of-residence document with a current address. 

Click here for a Voter Registration Guide.

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