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Two Northwestern Wisconsin schools districts receive school safety grants

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Two school districts in Northwestern Wisconsin are improving school safety thanks to grants from the Wisconsin Department of Justice. 

The school districts say they are taking preventative measures to ensure their students and staff are protected 

The Wisconsin Department of Justice awarded The Maple and Solon Springs districts over $100,000 in grant money for safety improvements. 

Maple schools are using the funding for an upgraded camera system and more cameras in every school along with shatterproof glass coating for the main entrance of all school buildings.

The new camera system allows law enforcement to unlock main doors in an emergency and have access to the new camera system. 

Back in October a survey showed funding for school safety wasn't a main concern of some community members.
Maple school distinct superintendent, Dr. Sara Croney said after the recent rise in school shootings... the community might think much differently.

"It hits home. Uh, parents more so and community members outraged at the violence that's occurring. The difficulty is I don't want people to think that just cause we're in the rural area that we're protected and that we're immune," said Croney.

The Maple school district is still looking for funds to upgrade the eleven-year-old PA and phone system to improve response time in an emergency.

As for the Solon schools, they plan to purchase better surveillance cameras, shatter resistant window coverings, door ajar alarms, classroom security door screens, and classroom door auto-locking mechanisms.

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