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Friends of Animals Humane Society to close due to costs

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On Wednesday, the Board of Directors for the Friends of Animals Humane Society announced the shelter will permanently close on August 5th. 

Mary Nelson has been with the Friends of Animals humane society for much of their 35-year existence. 

"I remember as a little kid, putting my money into the little money banks that they were doing to collect to get us a shelter," said Nelson. 

That little girl's love of animals grew into her taking over as the now interim director and president of the board. 

Nelson said, "This shelter definitely part of my life, and my families life." 

But now financial woes have set the facility back. After spending $725,000 buying a new facility, and remodeling it, they learned they need $150,000 thousand dollars to finish the remodel and pay off their mortgage. 

Another cost included the contracts regarding impound services which were no longer effective with nearby cities and townships, which caused the shelter to provide animal control and care. The loss of income and the increased financial burden just proved to be too great. 

"Ultimately, 2017 was a really tough year for us, and it was a hard year to get over, unfortunately," said Nelson. 

Because of that, effective August 5th, the barks that have filled the hallways for so long will be no more.

"It is truly heartbreaking, it really is," said Nelson. "To know that something that has been a part of so many lives, not just peoples lives, but a part of saving thousands of animals, there is almost no words to describe what that is like," she said.

Nelson says effective immediately, they won't be taking in any more animals, and they're finding homes for their existing cats and dogs. 

"We made them that promise when we brought them into this facility and we want to fulfill that promise to find them their forever homes," she said. 

While Nelson and the facility have helped thousands of animals over the years, the closure doesn't mean the end of the dream, as the hope is to square away the finances and reopen. 

Nelson said, "In a perfect world we would pay our mortgage, we'd finish the facility, and we'd have seed money to restart the business." 

But for now, the mission is to get all animals adopted, and any others moved to a no-kill facility.  

Nelson said they have a number of ways to donate to the facility, so they can try to reopen in the future. They will continue to take can donations behind the facility and are accepting other donations. 

To get in contact with Friends of Animals, you can reach them by e-mail, or by mail at the following address: 

Friends of Animals

PO Box 706

Cloquet, MN


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