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Looking back at Presidential visits to Duluth

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Donald Trump isn't the first sitting President to make a stop in the Northland's largest city. 

He'll actually be the fifth to make the trip in the past 55 years.

It's been just shy of 15 years since a sitting president has paid a visit.

The last President we saw come to Duluth was George W. Bush who, like President Trump held a rally at the DECC.

That was back in 2004 when Bush was campaigning for re-election.

One of the more famous presidential visits came all the way back in 1963, when President John F. Kennedy spoke at UMD's field house for the Land and People Conference.

There, he laid out his plan to spur economic development in the Northland.

"We need to speed up the Rural Areas Development Program, launched last year to encourage more productive use of the land, to create income producing outdoor recreation, and to aid in the location of industries in rural areas," said Kennedy, as part of his 1963 speech. 

Kennedy's visit to Duluth came just two months before his assassination.

In between Kennedy and Bush, President Bill Clinton also visited Duluth back in 1994.

President Jimmy Carter also rallied at the DECC ahead of midterm elections back in 1978.


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