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Stauber picks up more than just Republican endorsement

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  • Stauber picks up more than just Republican endorsementMore>>

  • Republicans endorse Stauber for 8th District race

    Republicans endorse Stauber for 8th District race

    Monday, May 7 2018 4:40 AM EDT2018-05-07 08:40:07 GMT
    Monday, May 21 2018 4:40 AM EDT2018-05-21 08:40:05 GMT

    The filing deadline for this year's 8th District Congressional election is just under a month away, and endorsements are continuing to come in. 

    The filing deadline for this year's 8th District Congressional election is just under a month away, and endorsements are continuing to come in. 


Fresh off his endorsement by the Republican Party for the 8th Congressional District seat, Pete Stauber is now back blazing the campaign trail. 

"It was probably one of the most humbling things that has happened to me in my life," said Stauber, reacting to his endorsement. 

The endorsement didn't come as a surprise, as Stauber is the only Republican candidate vying for the seat.  However, in addition to the endorsement from the Republican party, Stauber has also begun picking up the support of a key demographic in the district, Iron Rangers.

"The people that live on the Iron Range know that I understand and support their way of life," said Stauber.  

At least four mayors in the Democratic stronghold area have lent their support to Stauber. Larry Cuffe Junior, of Virginia. Andrea Zupancich, of Babbit. Shari Swanson, of Buhl and Robert Vlaisavljevich, of Eveleth.

In a statement today, Mayor Vlaisavljevich indicated he thinks we could be seeing a longer-term shift in Iron Range politics. 

"The move away from the DFL party has been predictable for some time," he said, "The DFL party I grew up with doesn't exist anymore," said Mayor Vlaisavljevich.

Meanwhile, the Chairwoman of the Republican Party in Minnesota, Jennifer Carnahan, says they are hoping to capitalize on the change. 

"Our job at the Republican Party of Minnesota is to make sure that we're turning back out the high propensity Trump voters and the individuals who have become disenfranchised with the Democrat party, especially in Minnesota. If we can do that up here in Duluth, and on the Iron Range, and then hold up the other strong Republican areas that make up the rest of Congressional District 8, you know, there is no way for us to lose this election," said Carnahan. 

While the number sits at four mayors right now, Stauber says it won't remain there long. 

"I support the way of life on the Iron Range, and they know that. And that's why the mayors are coming out, and more will be coming out soon," said Stauber.  

But it's still a long way to go to win a high priority seat for Republicans.

Meanwhile, the Democrats still don't have a frontrunner as all four candidates have indicated they will run in an August Primary to establish their candidate. 

Those candidates include Joe Radinovich, Rep. Jason Metsa, Michelle Lee, and Mayor Kirsten Hagen Kennedy. 
The DFL party failed to endorse a candidate at their endorsing convention in April. 

Ray Skip Sandman is running as an independent candidate.

We obtained statements from three of the four mayors who endorsed Stauber. They are as follows: 

"I am endorsing Stauber because when we met and talked he really impressed me with his life story and genuine concerns for the issues we care about on the range. I do see a change, politically, in our area. Probably the biggest reason is mining and logging. The biggest opposition to our way of life seems to come from extreme environmentalists. They are mostly associated with the Democratic Party. Not up here but certainly in the metro areas.
I also think with advances in science and technology, abortion is becoming less acceptable, statistics show a 
pro-life trend.
So I do see more people leaning Republican or Independent and being outspoken about it.
Mayor Shari Swanson - Buhl

"I’m endorsing Commission Stauber because I feel he has a strong intellect, good head, and can see the big picture on various issues that are currently on the Range, and that will be coming onto the Range.  He first announced his running in Ely last summer and invited me to be there at his announcement, and I appreciated that.  We spoke about issues for our towns, the areas, kids, hockey, you name it.  He listens and has proven that it means a lot for him to run and win.

"Now I’ve said this before, I don’t strictly party vote, I look at all the candidates for the positions, and make my choice from there, based on work they have done, how they have currently been doing their job, and the efforts forth going to earn the vote.  Granted that’s how I vote, I can’t speak for other voter’s thought processes and reasonings. You really do have to look at all the issues and really listen and think about what the Candidates are saying.

 All the parties have changed over the years, and what was a Democrat 15 years ago, is not really what a “Democrat” is now, but I believe that goes for all the parties.  You obviously can sense and feel the frustration Range-wide. The promises to our faces when they come up to talk to us, versus their actions and voting on bills, show the exact opposite or lack of voting too.  They say that we have their support, but it’s all words.  Actions speak louder than words. The Polymet Land Exchange is a perfect example of false promises.  This is extremely disheartening for the constituents of our areas.  We are tired of seeing our children leave for jobs, whether it’s in the Metro or leaving the state entirely when truth be known, they’d love nothing more than to stay and raise their own kids in here.  We have something here, that can help not only our areas but the State and the Country as well!   Commissioner Stauber realizes that and will help us fight for that.

Mayor Andrea Zupancich - Babbitt 

"I was pleased to hear Pete Stauber was intending to run for Congress. We desperately needed someone who understands the needs of local government and supports our mining economy.   His experience on the Hermantown City council and St. Louis County Board have made him into a congressman who can hit the ground running.  We can't afford to be sending these political hacks to Washington, who never did anything but hand out campaign literature.  The opportunity to help Pete get to Congress is really exciting. He is the light at the end of the tunnel.

The move away from the DFL party has been predictable for some time.  The DFL party I grew up with doesn't exist anymore. The feedback I get from many residents of all ages is that they take our support for granted and can do anything they want. These comments are from many long-time Democrats like myself who were forced to make choice. My choice, like many others, was to support our economy and the people who live." 

Mayor Vlaisavljevich - Eveleth

Mayor  Larry Cuffe Jr. had not issued a formal statement regarding his endorsement as of news time. 

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