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DFL Convention ends in no endorsement for 8th congressional district

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The DFL will not be endorsing a candidate for the 8th Congressional race ahead of the primaries.

After more than 12 hours and 10 votes the DFL was deadlocked. The delegates needed to come up with a 60 percent majority to determine an endorsement and even when they narrowed the field to Leah Phifer and Joe Radinovich, neither candidate could secure even half of the votes.

The three other candidates, Michelle Lee, Kirsten Kennedy, and Jason Metsa were out of the endorsement running within the first few rounds of ballots. Joe Radinovich did score what he calls a key endorsement tonight.

"We're honored that today that we enjoyed the endorsement of the existing Congressman Rick Nolan someone who's gonna fire on behalf of workers and on behalf of this district," he said.

Meanwhile, KBJR received an exclusive statement from Congressman Nolan's office saying the following:

"The convention had narrowed down to two candidates and of those two, Congressman Nolan expressed his preference for Joe Radinovich. Going forward, he will reserve judgment until he sees who decides to run in the primary." 

While Leah Phifer celebrated her performance as the consistent front-runner, in the race for delegate votes, at her peak winning just more than 52 percent of the votes.

"We were consistently ahead on all 10 ballots which I think means we built the strongest ground game across all 18 counties and made sure no voices were left unheard," she said.

When asked about negative comments from the Latino caucus, Phifer responded she believes it's opened up "a good dialogue."

Both Phifer and Radinovich claim this result is not a sign of division in the party but some at the convention voiced concerns this would set their party back as they prepare to challenge Republican candidate Pete Stauber.

The candidates will battle it out again in the primary election set for August 14.

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