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Neighborhood reacts to Cooper Elementary explosion as Superior School District weighs in

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The Superior School District broke ground on the school on April 12, 2017, and according to the fire department the new Cooper Elementary was almost 90 percent complete before the fire broke out.

The district was hoping to open the building for the next school year, but now they're not so sure.

On Sunday night, George Kline said even from his home,six blocks down the street, the excitement was hard to miss

"Last night I head all these fire engines coming over the bridge and one of them had a big ladder on it and I looked out and I thought that's strange."

He said it was even harder to miss what came next.

"It was really loud - it sounded like two trains really colliding real hard or a real bad car wreck," he said.

Living just across the street from the Cooper Elementary construction site, Bob O'Brian came out Monday morning to see the damage.

Then the second fire started.

"Looking out the back window, I saw smoke again and came out here and the smoke was coming out of the room pretty much in the same spot it was last night," O'Brian said.

According to the Superior District Office, school was in session at the next door Cooper Elementary building all day Monday, after discussion between the principal, the contractor's site coordinator, and the fire department determined the fire was contained and the school was safe. They discussed an evacuation plan should the fire get out of hand but they say they never had to use it as the fire was contained to the roof of the neighboring building.

Still Kline said not all parents agreed.

"My niece has two little boys here, and she came to get them because she was really worried about if there was an explosion or anything," he said.

Before the second fire, the Superior Fire Department believed there was about $1 million in damages and the second caused another $500,000.

The new building was set to open in September, now the district isn't sure whether or not they'll stay on track.

"The neighborhood needs a new school it needs a new park, playground, a lot of kids play soccer here and do a lot of different things," Kline said.

The school district was building what the call a bigger, safer school to accommodate new students.

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