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City Councilor's comment during ESST discussion met with astonishment


Duluth City Councilor Jay Fosle is catching heat after making a comment Monday night following a discussion about Earned Sick and Safe Time. 

"People make choices in life. If you got pregnant at 19, you did that on your own"

Councilor Fosle's comment was met with astonishment in the chamber.

"That's too bad," he continued. "Sorry you feel that way. You made those choices. That's what life is. Life is a choice. Apparently, with what I just heard, the choices they're making are, they want things for free"

Councilor Fosle's comment was directed toward Christina St. Germaine who earlier in the evening shared a story about working a job with no benefits at the age of 19.

In front of the city council, the woman recalled her doctor telling her to stay home from work when she was 12 weeks pregnant. 

St. Germaine told the council she couldn't afford to stay home and her job arranged for her to continue working in a different position. Days later she had a miscarriage. 

St. Germaine said she felt things would have been different had she been allowed sick time off.

The city council is expected to vote on the ESST proposal later this month or in early April.

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