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Get Outdoors: Nordic-Cross

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Spirit Mountain was home to a truly unique race over the weekend. It's called Nordic-Cross.

Jake Boyce from Day Tripper of Duluth is one of the Organizers of the event. He said, "So you ski down the hill that has some jumps and turns or obstacles, Then you ski back up most of the hill and then come back down for finish."

It's essentially a mix between downhill skiing and Nordic. Event organizers wanted to bring in something new to end the skiing season.

"Its just kind of a fun thing to do, you know, after the real ski season is over just get people out and enjoy skiing." said Boyce. 

Despite being the first event of its kind in Duluth, plenty of participants and spectators showed up for the race.

Boyce said, "There's not a ton of popularity here in the US. I think there's a lot of interest in it but there's not a lot of racing opportunities. So we're pretty excited to have the first one here in the Midwest that I know about. "

The race consists of several heats, with around four skiers racing in each heat. The two fastest move on.

"As you get further and later in the day the racing should get faster and more exciting with bigger air. There is going to be a big air competition so yeah we'll see what happens." says Boyce.

I gave it a try, and getting up the hill, I was quite slow.  Going back down I also was going nice and easy over the jump. While I didn't get any big air, the professionals showed me how it was done. 

"I'm hoping it will become an annual thing, got to start somewhere." says Boyce. 

Organizers say about 30 people showed up for the race... and they've already been asked to make it a bigger event next year.

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