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Boy Scouts competed in annual Beargrease Derby


The annual Boy Scout Beargrease Derby took over a section of Cloquet Saturday afternoon. 

During the event, the boys completed a 3-mile loop on a homemade mushers sled through the snow carrying everything needed to complete 10 different skill tasks and also to prepare a hot lunch over a campfire.

Rather than dogs, the sleds were pulled by the boy scouts.  

Events range from general first aid to wilderness problem-solving. 

There was also have a Beargrease team visiting and putting on an information station.

Derby Chair, Voyageurs Area Council, Scott Tollefson, says, "each of the stations is run by a different troop unit so that the boys are always seeing different  ways of doing things with different unit leaders, so it makes a little challenge for them."

Over 20 teams participated in the event. 

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