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Duluth Fire Dept. set to roll out new fire engine

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The Duluth Fire Department has a shiny new $500,000 fire engine.

Officials say it costs a little more to make a fire engine for Duluth, as they have to be customized to traverse all the hills, and the extreme cold. 

Dubbed as Engine Number 7, it will most likely be stationed at the Piedmont Neighborhood sub-station.

It is set to replace one of the departments current engines that is approaching the end of it's life expectancy. 

"We are having some mechanical issues, and some frame issues with some of our older equipment. It is getting to a point where it's becoming unsafe to drive down the road. The one that we're looking at replacing this one with is a '99, so we're getting to that 20 year mark," said Carmine Lenglois, with the Duluth Fire Department. 

The department will spend the coming weeks fine tuning the engine, and making sure it's ready for duty before putting it in action in mid March. 

It was paid for by capitol dollars from the city. 

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