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Duluth's Curling Club phone is ringing off the hook after Olympic Gold Medal win

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It's been one week since team Shuster took Gold at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and it's causing quite the curling frenzy at the Duluth Curling Club.
The club has seen an uptick in people wanting in on all the action but we're also hearing from Northlanders who've been a part of it all along.

"The phone has been ringing off the hook," said Curling Instructor, Margie Nelson.

Trying to get their hands on the rock and feet on the sheets. 

"Curling is a lot of fun. It's a great thing to do in the winter time," said Nelson.

But one curling team, in particular, started practicing their skills before the curling craze hit. It's all a part of Duluths Curling Club- "Learn to Curl."

"People come as they can but this is the core group right here that has been coming all season," said Nelson.

The group of eight has tackled everything there is to know about curling in just 10 weeks.

"We start with the basics. Just about the rules to begin and then we will go over how to throw, how to sweep and then we will usually play a pick-up game," said Nelson.

Some joined to try it out and others joined because they've been a fan of the sport for quite some time.

"For years I've been wanting to try it," said Nelson.

Gregg Root, first-time curler, has back and neck problems but he says this sport is very low impact and resembles other sports he likes.

"There's a lot of similarities to darts and bowling but they're mixed together and you got a lot of strategies involved too," said Root.

Root says in the past couple months he's seen a big improvement in his game.

"I remember the very first end that we played after all 16 stones not a single one made it in the house and now we are actually making shots and sometimes even getting them right on the button," said Root.

Spending every Friday night together with strangers has created a special bond.

"A lot of us are talking about maybe joining a competitive league next year," said Root.

And hopefully a chance of winning Gold someday.

"Possibly... you never know!"

If you would like more information on Duluth's Curling Club "Learn to Curl" click here https://www.duluthcurlingclub.org/


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