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Superior High School students rally for school safety

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Superior High School students are the latest to join a national movement seeking stronger school safety in the wake of the deadly Florida shooting.

On Friday, students organized a rally to spread what they call a positive message, in an effort to make our schools safer. 

For Joseph Carter, a senior at Superior High School, the decision to organize rally came from someone very close to him. 

"My sisters coming to me and saying something about school shootings and how they felt about their school might get shot up," said Carter.  

It was after that Carter, and his friend Devon Sullivan-Pettit. organized the rally to continue the conversation about gun violence, and seek more school safety.

"No child should have to hear, see gun shots. You come to school to learn, you don't come to school to worry about getting shot," said Carter. 

Sullivan-Pettit and Carter say it wasn't an anti-gun rally, but rather an effort to find a solution to preventing future school shootings. 

Carter said, "It all starts with us students, and we, we're the ones that have the ability to change everything."

Mixed into their message, was a moment of silence to remember victims of recent school shootings, and 150 students hoping that never happens to them. 

"I just want to see people go to school and feel safe there, because with everything that's going on, we're forced to come here, and if we're forced to come here and we don't feel safe, then there's no use," said Sullivan-Pettit. 

Holding their signs with a heavy heart, hoping for a brighter, safer future. 

"I want kids, and I want my sisters to grow up in this perfect, fairy-tale world that they believe it is, and I just feel like they shouldn't have to worry about guns or anything," said Carter. 

This was the second rally like this in Superior this week  after one was held at Superior Middle School on Thursday. 

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