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Northland gun owners react to DICK's gun decision

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DICK's Sporting Good's CEO and Chairman Ed Stack's decision to remove "assault-style rifles" and raise the age required to buy a gun in his stores is proving controversial across the country, including here, in the Northland.

In this part of the country, gun owners aren't hard to find, but opinions on those guns are as distant from one another, as targets on a shooting range.  

After DICK'S Sporting Goods took its own stand, area gun owners like Cheryl Rodwald are following suit.

"I think we need to somehow keep guns out of the wrong people's hands and I think DICK'S is just taking a step that's going to make the rest of us gun owners safer," she said.

Those steps include ending the sale of what they call "assault-style weapons," no longer selling high capacity magazines, and refusing to sell to anyone under the age of 21.

An employee at a gun store himself, Chris Warner says he was spending his time at the shooting range when he heard the news.

"I believe it's a solution to a non-existent problem. I believe that they're trying to appease people who would probably never ever buy guns there anyhow," he said.

He said he just happened to be shooting one of the rifles that can no longer be sold at DICK'S. 

"There's nothing functionally different about these guns than any other gun. A semi-automatic is still a semi-automatic, one pull of the trigger, one bullet comes out," he said.

Standing by DICK'S, Rodwald said she doesn't see how those rifles are necessary.

"Our constitution says that we can have the right to defend ourselves and I think you can do that without an assault rifle," she said.

Warner said he owns an assault rifle because that's what he needs to use to shoot in competitions.

"Without those firearms we would not legally be able to host matches and recreate with our firearms like that," he said.

Like much of the country, the Northland is just as torn on the best way to prevent future violence. 

DICK's decision comes after other high profile companies, like Delta Airlines, have cut ties with the N-R-A in the wake of the Florida shooting. 

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