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Twin Ports Olympians honored during DECC celebration

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Northland Olympic athletes received yet another heroes welcome.

This time at the DECC.

One day after arriving in Duluth the community gathered to show their appreciation for the athletes.

"First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you," said Duluth Mayor Emily Larson to the athletes.

Who in turn showed the love right back

"The Olympics are great and all but this is way cooler than the Olympics right now," said curler John Landsteiner.

Cheers and applause were frequent and loud as the Olympians dressed the crowd,
And the athletes received more than one standing ovation. 

But it wasn't only the crowd that showed their appreciation.

"I think a couple of Minnesotans revived the Olympic spirit in the United states. And these guys did that," said Olympic commentator Chad Salmela.

The curlers shared with the crowd just how special it was to compete on the worlds biggest stage.

"Doing it at the Olympics is just truly different, being up there with all those other fantastic athletes, and you know the world's watching, when you're at worlds your just in front of curling fans. When we play at the Olympics it's front everybody," said curler Tyler George.

They also thanked the community for its unwavering support.

"I mean honestly it really just electrified us, and I think you could totally see that when we were playing in those playoff games," said curler John Shuster.

If there's any take away from the two days of celebrations, it's that these athletes will never be forgotten here in the Northland.

"You're going to be treated special in the city of Superior, everyone knows your face, get used to it. It's an uncomfortable lifestyle but you'll be fine," said Superior Mayor Jim Paine.

If you missed the party, here's our Facebook live feed of the event- head over to our page and tell Team U.S.A. and Team Shuster your congratulations in the comments

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