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Get Outdoors: North Woods School Fishing Trip

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About 40 kids got to put down the text books and hit the ice on Lake Vermilion last week.

Jenny Panichi, a 5th Grade Teacher at North Woods, said "This is our second year. It's exciting to take a group of kids out... a lot of kids haven't fished before on the ice so it's a good opportunity for them to have some fun, and get together with each other, and learn some skills and how to fish."

Joining the teachers are the Lake Vermilion Guide League, to help show the kids the basics of ice fishing.

Dawson Stavenger a 5th Grader at North Woods, said "Sometimes you can use pop ups, and you can use rods. You can use different things to ice fish."

The kids were also able to use snowshoes to go inside to the Landing Restaurant, and grab some hot cocoa.

"This year is a little bit cooler. There's some snow coming down; last year was really warm. This is what true ice fishing is all about, though." said Panichi.

While the temperatures were cold, the bite was hot for a bit.

Panichi said, "I think I've seen about three or four fish caught, so it's a little slow, but that's what fishing is all about... a lot of patience."

For some, the patience has paid off.

Stavenger  said, "My friend Evan caught a fish, and my other friend Rory caught another fish. Do you know what kind of fish they're catching? Perch."

And for others, its just about getting outdoors.

Rylan Jesme, another 5th Grader, said "I just like that the fact that we can have fun [and] at least try to catch a fish."

Even if you don't catch a fish, the day could be worse.

5th grader, Kaden Gornick said "I don't know you don't have to do any work today."

North Woods hopes to make this a yearly tradition and even expand to more grades if possible. 

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