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Maple School District holds referendum information session

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The Maple School District is seeking the public's help to make up for a lack of funds.
Over the past ten years the district has seen state funding drop, and has seen per pupil funding drop drastically do to a lack of enrollment.

"As of this year we only have three grades left were there's over 100 kids. So, when you're dropping 20 to 25 kids a year that's well over 200 thousand a year, and it builds up," said district business manager Paul Staffrude.

For that reason the district will be putting a $582,000 operating referendum up for a vote.
If passed, it would cost the average taxpayer about 68 dollars per year, per hundred thousand dollars of property value.
The referendum will cover only operating costs to avoid further cuts to district staff and programs. 

"The cuts have been made...being careful with fiscal management has happened," said superintendent Dr. Sara Croney.

3.7 million dollars in cuts have already been made in the past ten years. 
The equivalent of seven full time positions have been cut as well.
Further cuts would likely force classes to combine, driving class sizes to over 30 students per class.

"It's not good for kids, it's not good to have the staff student ratio that high," said Croney

That's just one of the potential impacts if the referendum doesn't pass.
Further staff cuts and cuts to the curriculum are not out of the question.

"If I does not pass we have plans for... more cost cutting," said Staffrude.

"We don't want to reduce programs, but everything is on the table as far as cost cutting," he added.

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