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Dayton wants more MNLARS funding to fix glitches

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Governor Mark Dayton is asking state lawmakers for $10 million to help fix Minnesota's glitch-ridden license plate computer system.

He made the request to state legislators at the start of the 2018 legislative session, as part of a $43 million dollar request to have the system working properly by fall of 2019.

Since its rollout in July of last year, the $93 million computer system for license plates, and vehicle tabs - known as MNLARS - has had several issues.

At one point, problems with the system created a backlog of 380,000 vehicle titles. 

Meanwhile, the leader overseeing the MNLARS project is touring the state to hear from the system's users. 

Gov. Dayton asked Dana Bailey to join Minnesota IT Services three months ago as executive director of the MNLARS project. According to Bailey, she has driven 1,600 miles across Minnesota "to meet with deputy registrars, auto dealers, credit unions, lenders, auctioneers, and other Minnesotans."

Bailey says she has been able to gain firsthand perspective on the problems created by the faulty system, and believes progress is already being made. 

"MNLARS is a system that has been flawed since its rollout in 2017. However, since July of 2017 it has also processed over 4 million transactions for the state of Minnesota," says Bailey. "It definitely has problems, and we know we have a lot of work to do, but it also has a good foundation to work from."

Approval is needed from both the Minnesota House and Senate before any additional funding can be spent on fixing MNLARS.  

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