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Beyond the Headlines: WI legislative session update

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Politics is taking center stage this episode, as lawmakers from across Wisconsin descend on the state capitol to push the priorities of their constituents.  

We're in the midst of the state's 2018 legislative session, which started back in January and is set to run through the end of May. 

And as any lawmaker would tell you, there's a lot of work to do. 

This week at the State Capitol, Superior was getting some much-needed attention. The 33rd Annual Superior Days in Madison is highlighting several priorities in Northwestern Wisconsin. 

Each year, the event gives thousands of people a chance to share their region's needs and concerns with their elected officials.

Organizers say legislative issues include requesting an increase in Medicaid rates for nursing homes, and a request to return more local control to waterfront zoning, and other water quality issues.

"We want to make the legislators aware that there are unique issues and unique challenges that we are facing, and we need help on them," says Douglas County Board Chair Mark Liebaert," and to give them credit, they're very good at listening. And sometimes we're able to convince them to make changes."

Last year's Superior Days had success in seeking new funding for a new 911 system in the state. 

Also a priority this year is something that has been on the minds of several Superior city leaders and state lawmakers since 2013. We're talking about the creation of the "Better City Superior Exposition District," a public / private initiative aimed at redeveloping downtown Superior. 

In this episode of Beyond the Headlines, Dan Wolfe sits down with Douglas County Board Chair Mark Liebaert, and Better City Superior Board of Directors Bruce Thompson to talk about the latest developments in creating the Superior exposition district, which needs legislative approval before becoming official. Both Thompson and Liebaert also discuss other legislative priorities for Superior, and Northwest Wisconsin.

Wolfe also sits down with State Senator Janet Bewley (D - Ashland) to discuss the latest developments at the Capitol, along with some of Bewley's own proposals regarding making Wisconsin schools safer in the wake of the deadly Florida school shooting.

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