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After snowfall Sunday, Northlanders are staying positive

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With last nights snowfall, the Northland is now five inches above average for the year. 
Sunday morning the snow removal process went into overdrive.  

"Snow and cold. It's kind of the Minnesota thing," said Duluth resident Dan Dudley. 

Whether it's one thing or the other. It's something we all deal with. 

"Born and raised in Minnesota. You take what it gives you," said Mae Johnson. 

Seven inches of snow dropped in Duluth last night. Bringing our total accumulation from the last week to about two feet. 

The quick hits of snow leave snow removal companies like ATK out early and in full force. 

"It was probably about one o'clock. I actually was up much earlier than that but most of my team was out at one o'clock," said James Orman, the Manager of the snow removal company ATK.

Out plowing all over the Northland. 
"We all kind of start from here and go up on top of the hill and downtown and out west and up the shore," he said. 

But the snow wasn't all that bad for some, just ask Mae Johnson, who has been living in Duluth for 34 years. 
"Shoveling is not quite as fun as other sports in the snow that you can do around here but... I always like to slide down the hill," she said.

Then there are some who are more cold-blooded, like Duluth native Dan Dudley.

"Honesty I'd much rather have a cold than the snow. You can always bundle up for the cold but be battling the large amounts of snow is always a treat," he said.

So if you do decide to venture out into the winter wonderland. 

"Remember - Minnesota nice. Look out for your neighbors." 

City, state, and private workers have been out removing the snow and hope to have things cleaned up in the next couple of days. 

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