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Rep. Nolan's district director Jeff Anderson considering a run, sad but understanding of Nolan's announcement

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After Friday morning's announcement, KBJR 6 heard from Congressman Rick Nolan's district director Jeff Anderson.

Anderson tells us staffers are saddened by the news of Rep. Nolan's upcoming retirement, but they understand where the decision is coming from.

Anderson said he believes the decision was difficult for Nolan and believes it ultimately comes down to needing to spend time with his family as Nolan said in his release.

As for who may take over Nolan's seat after November's election, Anderson said the district has a "deep bench" when it comes to qualified candidates for the DFL nomination but he is hoping for a certain type.

"Progressive leaders, in the mold of Congressman Nolan who fight for working families for jobs for health care, to protect the environment, that's what we had in our congressman - that's what we have in our congressman - and I think that it's going to be important that whoever we send to Washington next year represent the best values of the district," he said. 

Anderson ran against Nolan for the DFL nomination back in 2012 and he said he is considering a run again for 2018.

"I'm sure we'll have a lively conversation and a lively election season" he said. "I'll be making a decision soon on whether or not to seek this office."

He believes it's not too late to throw his hat in the ring as there is plenty of time before the upcoming party conventions.

Meanwhile another former challenger is considering a run. Stewart Mills announced on his Facebook page that he is "seriously considering" another run for Congress. 

He would be competing with County Commissioner Pete Stauber for the Republican nomination. 

Stauber said he's focusing on his own campaign rather than the actions of other candidates, but he is hoping to send a message to his former competitor.

"Rick and I agreed on some things and disagreed on many others, but the bottom line is anybody that has put their name forth in elected service and served, they oughta be thanked," he said.

The other two candidates still in the race are DFL hopeful Leah Phifer and Ray "Skip" Sandman, who is running as an independent.

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