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Minnesota caucuses held Tuesday

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The Minnesota caucuses are Tuesday, meaning people will soon be heading to their precinct to show support for their preferred candidate in the upcoming November election. 

It's an important day for a handful of reasons, especially when it comes to the race for governor.

Precinct caucuses, which are run by Minnesota's political parties, are the first in a series of meetings, where parties may endorse candidates, select delegates, and set goals and values. 

People are divided according to the precinct in which they live, and each precinct has its own respective Democratic and Republican caucus.

This is a time where people can raise issues that are important to them, influence who the party will endorse, and get a chance to meet people in their community. 

The precinct caucuses will be held at 7 p.m.

To attend a caucus, you must be eligible to vote in November, but you do not need to be registered to vote to caucus.

If you would like to know what precinct you belong to click here


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