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Beyond the Headlines: 33rd annual Superior Days, and legislative priorities for NW WI

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From health care, to road repairs, and economic development.

Every city and county has its fair share of issues and priorities. But getting your voice heard isn't always easy, and sometimes it requires going far out of your way in the fight for recognition.

That's exactly what happens every year as part of the effort known as 'Superior Days.' 

Now in it's 33rd year, the grassroots effort is organized by both leaders, and everyday citizens, from Superior, and Douglas County.

The mission: bring the region's priorities to the front door of Wisconsin's state lawmakers at the capitol, in Madison.

Before we look ahead, let's take a look back at last year's effort.

The 32nd annual Superior Days connected 150 delegates with lawmakers on critical projects across the region.

At the top of their agenda: support for creating a tax district to help pay for road repairs. They were also looking for support in creating an exposition district that would boost Superior's economy.

"Not only are our roads in bad shape in Northern Wisconsin, our economic development is lacking behind Duluth," said Douglas Co. Board Chairman Mark Liebaert during 2017's Superior Days, "Duluth has a lot of the same tools we're lobbying for today."

Joining us in this week's episode of Beyond the Headlines to shed some light on this year's priorities for Northwest Wisconsin are Superior Days Coordinator James Anderson, and Superior Mayor Jim Paine.

According to Anderson and Paine, 2018's priorities are as follows:

"The issues have been finalized for the 33rd Superior Days coming up on February 20 and 21, 2018. This year, the delegation will be bringing four issues to the legislature. First, Superior Days will revisit Better City Superior and an exposition district. This year, a bill is being proposed to enable exposition districts in the cities of Superior and Eau Claire. This bill will be a part of the Chippewa Valley Rally lobbying effort, at the end of January. Superior Days will continue the lobbying effort three-weeks later. In addition to the exposition district, other legislative issues include: requesting an increase in Medicaid rates for nursing homes, increase in Payment In lieu of Taxes for forest lands, and a request to return more local control to waterfront zoning and other water quality issues."

According to both men, there will be two upcoming training opportunities for people hoping to take part in Superior Days this year:

"Delegates attending Superior Days have two opportunities to learn more about these issues. On January 30th at 5PM, Mayor Jim Paine will be hosting a training and orientation for Lobby Leaders, in the Government Center room 270. An all delegation issues training will also take place on the campus of UW-Superior on Thursday, February 8th at 5PM in the Yelllow Jacket Union."

For more information on Superior Days, check out their official website here.

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