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Get Outdoors: Snowshoeing Amity Creek

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"The first thing you want to do is kind of loosen up the straps, right? Just make sure your foot is nice and easy to get in." said Kristofor McNeal, Co-Owner of The Duluth Experience.

This week I was joined by The Duluth Experience to go on a snowshoeing trip down a local creek.

"We're on the branch of Amity creek here in Lester park along 7 Bridges Rd. And we're going to go down onto the creek and do some creek exploration." McNeal explains. 

Amity Creek is a perfect place to snowshoe or cross county ski, as its very secluded and yet still in town. 

McNeal said, "Its a big park, a lot of area to explore so running into people is pretty uncommon especially when you get up into the river and away from the trails themselves."

McNeil sets me up with a pair of snowshoes and we hit the trails. 

"You know these modern snow shoes are great for these crampons because they dig into ice and snow specially if you're going up a hill." says McNeal. 

The crampons make a huge difference when trying to tackle a frozen creek. If you are going to try to snowshoe a creek or river, always be aware of your surroundings. 

McNeal said, "You want to take your time you want to look for weak spots you want to look for pressure ridges in those sort of things to try to avoid them."

And if snowshoeing isn't a fast enough sport for you, The Duluth Experience has many other actives that they can guide you on. 

"We do a variety of different snowshoe and fat bike tours even some fat biking at night with headlamps we have a victory beer at Bent paddle afterward. So we're pretty busy in the winter exploring the woods getting into the deep snow." said McNeal. 

The Duluth Experience will be doing a winter photography class February 4th. CLICK HERE to sign up. 

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