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Sleigh and Cutter Rally is a trip back in time

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Ashland stepped back in time 2 centuries, all the way back to the 1800's on Saturday, showcasing decades old transportation methods with the annual Northwoods Harness Club's Sleigh and Cutter Rally. 

"There's so much history in here, and it's just sad that it's all dying out and very few people know this art anymore," said sleigh and cutter driver, Sue Lockley.

Sleigh and cutter teams just like Lockley's are doing their best to keep that history alive.

"It's just so magical. Unless you've ever ridden in a a sleigh and don't know what those beautiful sleigh bells sound like, and their meaning, there's so many little meanings to everything, the type of sleigh bells, the sound, why they had sleigh bells," said Lockley.  

Learning more about that history, is what brought dozens of spectators out.

"It kind of makes me think of that time in the past. How they did a lot of the work, and a lot of the labor on farms," said spectator Doug Ament. 

Dashing through the snow were single and multi-horse setups, pulling dozens of delighted spectators, giving them an up close look at the magnificent horses. 

"It's good family fun, its an annual tradition to come out here, see the horses, kids love it, and if you dress appropriately, it's not that bad," said Ament.  

For the drivers, the rally is a competition to see who can replicate the 1800's the best - but winning isn't what the day is all about. 

"It's fun too, it's not necessarily always about the winning. It's about the knowledge we all learn from each other," said Lockley. 

This was the 32nd annual Sleigh and Cutter Rally. It is held every year in January.  


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