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St. Louis County workers still shocked to win Powerball, $250K

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Every week for the past 15 years, a group of coworkers from the St. Louis County Courthouse campus have tried their luck in the Powerball lottery.

This week, their patience finally paid off. 

"It's surreal. I still don't believe it," said Tyler Schwerzler, an investigator for the Hibbing Police Department who also happens to be one of the 22 lottery winners in the group.

On Thursday morning, the typically quiet halls of the St. Louis County Courthouse echoed with excitement.

"There was a lot of high fives and hand shakes and hugs, and people were generally surprised. It's still shocking I think," said Schwerzler.

A group of 22 employees found out they had the winning lottery ticket.

"We won $250,000 on the Powerball," Schwerzler said.

$250,000 split 22 ways comes out to about $7,500 dollars each after taxes.

"It was a good 15 minutes sitting there not believing it," said Schwerzler. "Just looking up the numbers, double checking."

The winning ticket matched four of the five numbers and the Powerball, including the power play multiplier option. 

Playing the lottery together has been a weekly occurrence for the group over the last 15 years. 

"We all work in different portions in this building and maybe don't always see each other all the time," Schwerzler said.

Members of the group draw a name each week to decide who would buy tickets. It was head janitor Grant Ellis' turn.

He purchased the winning ticket across the street at the Short Stop II from manager Ruth Hrozat who has worked there for nearly 14 years. 

"It's not very often we do that. Matter of fact, as long as I've been here we've never sold one that big," said Hrozat.

Each week the group doubted their chances.

Schwerzler said, "we're never going to win anything. That's literally... we always would joke about it. 

But, this time the odds happened to be in their favor.

"They said 'this time.' And I'd say 'good luck,'" Hrozat said. "This time, it worked."

Over 24 hours later, the reality still hasn't set in for the winners.

"I think a lot of us still don't really believe we won until we get that money," said Schwerzler.

The group will take a bus down to the headquarters in Roseville, Minn. next Friday to collect their winnings.

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