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Slick conditions continue as deep freeze follows storm

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As if we needed a reminder it's winter has returned and it's taking it's tool on our roads.

Through the Friday morning commute, Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant Neil Dickenson said troopers responded to at least 11 crashes in the Duluth area alone including a pileup on I-35 near Lincoln park.

"We're seeing far too many crashes and again the number one thing people can do is slow down, increase your following distance," he said. "If something happens in front of you you're able to avoid crashing into somebody or losing control of your car."

He said there were at least 10 cars involved on both sides of the highway and observed several more spin-outs throughout the day.

"The plow trucks are out trying to treat the roads, just with the temperature change and being so cold sometimes the material that's being dropped doesn't take effect or doesn't take effect fast enough," he said. 

Even getting out of your car isn't much easier. With sidewalks just as slippery as streets pedestrians needed to take care just walking around.

As a member of Duluth Clean and Safe team Carl Peterson is responsible for clearing sidewalks and wheel chair ramps and making sure fire hydrants are accessible. 

"The last thing you wanna do is step off the sidewalk into a half foot of slush so we like to make it comfortable for our patrons downtown," he said.

That job is made even more difficult in these icy conditions.

"It was a serious case of penguin two step," he said. "You didn't walk fast, you didn't walk slow, you just slid steadily down the road."

But he said after a day of shoveling there's some relief as for pedestrians as we slowly make our way through the elements.

Still, there's a long road ahead towards clear streets.

"We get paid back for summer in the winter cause summer is so nice," Peterson said.

As for the rest of the streets, the Duluth maintenance manager tells me they're about 70 percent done with the residential streets in the city and they'll be out well into tomorrow finishing up.

"We get paid back for summer in the winter cause summer is so nice."

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