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More budget cuts announced by UMD

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The University of Minnesota-Duluth has announced another round of budget cuts.  University officials say it's part of a several years-long effort to get out of the red.

The most recent announcement is a $600,000 cut to their operating and maintenance budget. 

"It's important to understand that this budget process that we shared with the campus yesterday, isn't just about cuts, it's about an overall management of our budget," said UMD Chancellor Lendley Black. 

Black says they haven't announced what specifically will be cut, only that Public Safety and the Library won't be impacted.

"We're looking at all five of the academic schools and colleges. But we're also looking at the areas of student life, the areas of finance and operation, which includes facilities and our HR operations and other things as well. Everything is being considered," Black said. 

UMD has an annual operating budget near $160 million - meaning a cut of $600,000 is about a half of one percent cut. 

Black said, "It indicates that even though these cuts are serious, it's not a dire situation for us. It's a relatively small percentage of our overall expenditures." 

Just four years ago UMD was operating with a budget that was $9.4 million in the red. 

That has been chipped away at, and Black says they expect it to be at $3.2 million by the end of the year. 

"We've made some pretty aggressive cuts in the past, so these are not nearly at that level," said Black. 

Chancellor Black as well as several other senior administrators opted *not to receive their 2 percent pay increase this year  in an effort to bring the budget more in line. 

The end goal is to be operating in the green by the end of 2023.

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