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Winter storm leaves restaurants empty, but plenty to do for delivery companies

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Outside Burrito Union on Thursday, snow was falling in droves. Inside, a nearly empty dining room at lunch time means so are the sales. 

"It's a little bit slower for us, but it's nice because we can get some stuff done around the shop." 

Kitchen manager Laramie Carlson has been working the grills at Burrito Union for nearly three years, he says on days like Thursday, business takes a hit. 

"It definitely slows down a lot. We're here at 9 o'clock in the morning prepping, getting everything ready, and if it's slow, we're just doing that prep and not making food for people, and that hurts labor and stuff when we could be doing these multiple things," said Carlson. 

But in treacherous weather like Thursday, where most of the region was buried in snow, people's appetites don't diminish and if they're not going into restaurants, that means someone has to brave the conditions to get them their food.

"We gotta stay here. We gotta stay open of course," said Carlson. 

And delivery services make that possible. 

"For us it means we will probably see about a 50% uptick in business today," said Josie Sheitarlain, Duluth's managing partner for Food Dudes. 

While many businesses have to trim staff to make their labor line work for the day, Food Dudes calls for backup on snow days. 

"The first thing I do is start calling some extra drivers. I absolutely love days like today. It means we're busy and the day goes faster," said Sheitarlain.

And restaurants are working towards the next day. 

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