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Get Outdoors: "Fat Biking Lester"

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With a temperature of about 3 below, not too many people are looking to get outdoors. But Jake Boyce with Day Tripper of Duluth is taking me out for a fat bike trip.

Jake Boyce said, "It's just a nice way to get out in the winter. One of the nice things about it is you don't have to depend on good snow conditions for it."

He sets me up with one of their bikes, outfitted with larger tires for the snow. 

"You got that almost 5 inch wide tire, bikes with pretty easy gearing a lot of bikes have studded tires now as well to help with the ice." said Boyce. 

The studded tires make a big difference in the grip you get on icy surfaces.

Boyce said, "Studded tires have a little piece of metal or actually there's about 150 some little pieces of stud on each tire. So it just grapes into the ice."

The bike is also geared a little bit easier, making getting through thick snow much simpler. 

"So there's only one gear in front in 10 gears in the back. The spread is actually very similar to what most people would have on any bike." said Boyce. 

We are biking in Lester park on this trip, and the trails are in great condition!

"It's a beginner trail, it's actually groomed by a snowmobile, by COGGS." Boyce said. 

Even on this easy trail, there were still lots of ups and downs and tight turns. 

Boyce said, "It's a great place to learn and as you get kind of comfortable on the bike there's a lot of different options you know blue trails and black trails as well."

It was a little nerve-wracking at first, but I warmed up to it pretty fast... and had no problem with the cold weather. 

"Even when it's been as cold as last few days you can still stay pretty dang warm." said Boyce. 

Fat bike trails are rated similarly to ski trails. Green circles, like what Adam did, are easy. Blue squares are intermediate, and black diamonds are more difficult. 

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