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Duluth hospitals welcome New Year's baby boys

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With the new year, comes new life.  Two mothers rang in 2018 with the births of the Twin Ports' first babies of the new year. 

A Superior couple had an extra reason to celebrate the new year, welcoming a new baby boy to their family. 

Brantley Boatman, 6-pounds, 10-ounces was born at 8:50 a.m. and was St. Lukes first baby born in 2018. 

"It would have been special either way. Even if he wasn't on the New Year," says Brantley's mom Kara Bunnell. 

Bunnell says she wasn't totally surprised that she had her baby on January 1st. "He's the first one here. I was hoping for it but I didn't think it would actually happen."

Brantley is joining his family of five as the youngest child to a sister, and two bothers. 

"I really wanted a girl," says Bunnell as she swaddles her youngest son. 

The family says the hospital staff made them feel extra special, giving them a care basket and a decorative hat for baby Brantley.

"I wasn't expecting extra gifts. I wasn't expecting to be in the news or anything like that," says the mom of the new baby boy. 

The family also received an unexpected gift from a former New Year's baby family. The St. Lukes 2012 New Year's baby family gave Brantley a book and mom sparking water. 

Bunnell says, "we were talking about carrying on that tradition for the next New Year's baby."  

She feels having her third boy as the New Year opens feels like a fresh start.  "A new beginning, you know."

Meanwhile, earlier that morning at St. Mary's Essentia Health, Charles Everett Dreier was the first baby born in Duluth to kick off the year. 

Baby Charles's dad, Nathan Dreier says, "It's pretty exciting. I guess I didn't realize how big of a deal it was."

Mom, Susanna Schafter gave birth to the healthy 6 pounds 15-ounce baby at 2:13 a.m.  She says, " it was definitely a relief, that's for sure."

Charles is joining his family of six, being the youngest of four older sisters. 

Dad says, "I was really excited about it, yeah. I've always wanted a boy."

Susanna says Charles resembles the only other boy in the family. "He's easy going like his dad, so far."

The family says the new year baby title wasn't something they were expecting to be a big deal. "He'll be famous for like a week and then fade off," his mom says. 

Both mothers say the day is special regardless of the date, but they are thankful to be able to celebrate the new year with a bigger family.  

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