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Park Point home combats rising waters

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Rising lake levels have remained an issue for homeowners near the lake shore in both Duluth and Superior. 

That's why one family along Park Point is taking major steps to fix a growing problem. 

Park point residents have been struggling to keep water out of their homes this year.

Shirley Reierson, a homeowner on Park Point says, "because the lake levels are so high, we're consistently dealing with water in the floor. We have to keep our sump pump running."

Shirley and her husband have had trouble for years keeping their basement dry. 

She says, "three years ago we started having problems in our basement. The water started coming in from underneath the floor."

Shirley says it's become a health and safety issue. "Both my husband and I are very concerned about whether mold is developing down there."

So how do you fix a home built alongside a rising lake?

Tysen Massie, owner of MassiePro Services, the contractor fixing the Reierson's home says, "basically, we're raising the floor up to 30 inches to keep that water level below the top of the floor."

Shirley says, "the solution was not to try to save it as a basement, but to turn it into a crawl space that we could trust the water would not begin to undermine our foundation." 

After more than three days of prep and laying new concrete, the Reierson's basement has shrunk significantly. 

Massie says, "there really wasn't any other option, besides to drain the lake." 

The Reierson's still have more work to complete in their basement.

They say they won't know if the newly raised floor will keep water out until spring. 

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