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There's been a rise in theft this holiday season in Duluth

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The holiday season is a time for shopping, family and unfortunately theft and here in the Northland, there's been a rise of it. 

"Yeah, we have seen an increase in car thefts this year," said Duluth Police Department Inspector, Ryan Temple. 

This year, there have been more than a thousand reports of cars being broken into. 

Burglars are not only targeting your cars but also your front steps.

"We've had just around a dozen packages were stolen lately from houses around from the Duluth area," said Temple.

The Duluth Police Department says these are crimes of opportunity, meaning people are leaving visible valuable items and packages on their doorstep, or in their cars ultimately making it easier for burglars to take. 

The department says there are measures you can take to secure packages and belongings. 

 "If you're going to get a lot of expensive packages delivered maybe have them delivered to your workplace. If you're not home, don't have them delivered to your home so they're not sitting on your porch," said Temple.

You can also track your packages with your delivery service or require a signature for the service to deliver your items.

But when it comes to why the rise in thefts police say the growing drug problem in the Twin Ports is a factor. 

"All of our vehicle thefts, vehicle prowls are one way related to people looking for money for drugs," said Temple.

So the best answer to all of this is simply not leaving anything in your car.

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