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Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former Franken staffer agree with resignation decision

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We're hearing tonight from those who worked closely with Senator Franken.

Spending two years on Sen. Franken's staff, Dan Fanning says he's struggled to understand this different side of the man he knew.

"The Sen. Franken that I got to know, the Sen. Franken that I had the honor of working for and spending a lot of time with as we traveled throughout the state was a good man who represented our state and our country very well," he said.

Though as the allegations piled up and those in his own party began to call for his resignation, those closest to him, like fellow Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar agreed it was time to step down.

"He agreed with me that this was getting to the point that it was going to be really hard for him to represent Minnesota with this lengthy investigation going on and then with people calling for him to resign," she said.

Fanning said it's all a part of the ongoing conversation about sexual misconduct.

"Because there is this changing culture right now, and this is such an important conversation and I think a lot of us are glad it's happening, you don't necessarily want to be that distraction to that progress," he said.

Though he hopes the conversation doesn't end here, referring, like Sen. Franken himself did in his speech, to President Trump and senate candidate Roy Moore.

"If we're gonna hold Sen. Franken to the standard, everyone from the president on down should be held accountable," he said. "I think that's only fair."

Moving forward, Klobuchar said her focus is finishing their agenda for Minnesota.

"I really have to focus as much as my heart is with the family here on getting our work done over the next two weeks," she said.

Fanning hopes as Franken's time in the senate comes to an end, people remember the work he's done.

"That doesn't mean I don't agree with his decision I just think that we can't lose sight about of that context that he's done a pretty damn good job in my opinion," he said.

When asked if she had been in touch with Governor Mark Dayton about Sen. Franken's replacement she said she wouldn't speculate and ultimately the decision was his.

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