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Northland's Nordic community to unite for Lutefisk dinner, Finnish celebration

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It may not be a favorite dish for many, but lutefisk sure does carry a sense of tradition here in the Northland.

Duluth's First Lutheran Church held its annual Lutefisk Dinner Wednesday. 

This widely celebrated Nordic dish has been served at First Lutheran for decades. For those not quite brave enough to give this delicacy a try, they also served meatball and salmon options. 

Lutefisk is made from aged stockfish or dried/salted whitefish and lye. The prep work makes it gelatinous in texture.

Many say lutefisk is an acquired taste. 

Annual dinner goer, JP Brooks says, "I would say the best way to prepare is don't have anything for breakfast or lunch so you're really hungry when you get down here. Then I usually just have it with butter and salt, lots of both and that usually gets me through."

 Jessie Slater also brought back a plate for the team to try - thanks, Jessie!

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