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I Can Do That: Playing goaltender with the St. Scholastica men's hockey team

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"I can do that."

It's something probably every sports fan has said at one time or another, but how often is it actually true? Like most things in life, sports are almost always harder than they seem, and most fans are accustomed to watching the highest level of play possible.

That means the athletes are good --- really good --- and what they're doing isn't easy. 

KBJR6 Sports is out to prove it. 

The first Tuesday of every month, sports director Zach Schneider will try his hand at a new sport with some of the area's best athletes and teams. He plans to examine these words and report back, expecting of course to find that it is indeed harder than it looks.


This fourth installment comes at Mars Lakeview Arena with the St. Scholastica men's hockey team, as Zach tries his hand at playing goaltender with the Saints. Click on the video link for the story, which includes Zach going through some drills and then a shootout at the team's practice.


If you have suggestions for what Zach should try next, please email zschneider@kbjr6.com or contact him on Twitter at @zschneiderkbjr. He's open to trying whatever, even if, in reality, he can't do that.

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