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Jason Pero's teacher keeps one of his last essays as a memory

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In honor of 14-year-old Jason Pero, who was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Odanah early last month, friends and family are gathering this weekend to share Jason's message. 

Yet many people and family members are still looking for justice and answers, those who were close by him want people to remember who he was and always will be. 

"In my eyes, I saw Jason as a true bridge builder. He had a sense of humor that was so sharp so witty so smart," said Jason's former teacher of two years, Andrea DeBungie. "He was that student that just brightened my day and I think everybody around him."

She describes Jason as a very involved young boy. 

"Whenever we had trips planned for the Native American Club he was the first one on that list. He always made sure he had a seat," said DeBungie.

When DeBungie found out that Jason had been shot and killed, she quickly went through her old essays and found one of Jason's. "It's definitely something that has brought me comfort." DeBungie has kept it by her side since then.

"So I have been carrying this essay around with me in my bag and I feel like it's important to share who he was from his own mouth these are his words. I think it's important for people to know he had plans for himself that he had a future he had goals," said DeBungie.

In the essay, Jasons writes he plans to go to college and study Native American Studies. 

"When you lose somebody every day is like a new day (and) a new step. A first without them," said DeBungie. DeBungie still doesn't understand or grasp what happened but she says she and his fellow classmates are doing the best they can to cope without their friend. "He is definitely missed by everyone at the school."

A 12-mile unity walk is scheduled for tomorrow in Odanah starting at 11 a.m. at the Community Center. 

The walk will start at Bad River Casino and end at the Ashland Courthouse. 

Immediately after the walk, there will be a feast at the Bad River Community Center. 

Tee-shirts designed by kids will be passed out for anyone to wear during the walk.

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