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Minnesota counties sue drug companies for opioid crisis

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Counties across Minnesota are stepping up the opioid crisis fight by taking drug companies to court.

Thursday in the Twin Cities, county attorneys from across Minnesota announced they're suing the companies that make and distribute opioids.

That includes St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin, who was one of 20 there for the announcement.

Rubin's frustration was echoed by the Washington County Attorney.

"I got to tell ya, it's so bad that when my phone rings at night, I go into post traumatic stress cause it'll be something like the Sheriff calling and saying another dead kid, Pete. Another dead kid," said County Attorney Pete Orput.

The civil lawsuits filed Thursday are just the beginning.

More are expected in the coming weeks and months.

The aim is to hold opioid manufacturers and distributors financially accountable for their role in the heroin crisis.

The attorneys claim the manufacturers knew their drugs were highly addictive, and marketed them anyway to doctors for chronic conditions like back pain.

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