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Superior Police hand out Random Acts of Kindness

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"It is something different every day. Actually every day can change, it has its ups and downs."

"1719 North 19th Street for a  green Chevy Lumina."

"54 copies." 

"10-4 10-35." 

"There can be one minute when you're arresting somebody or wrestling with somebody, taking somebody to jail; or you can be interacting with the kids or handing out gift cards on traffic stops." 

"Alright, sir, we have got your ID, we have your insurance, and we actually have a 25 dollar gift card to Super One for you!" 


"About three years ago we started the random acts of kindness program." 

"Jimmy Johns or Super One? Does he look like a Jimmy Johns kind of guy?" 

"Did you say he is going to college?" 

"Yeah, he is going to WITC." 

"Jimmy Johns." 


"One, it gives the officers an opportunity to have positive outcomes and interactions with the public and two it should help build some relationships and trust with the community." 

"Alright, here is your insurance back, here is your license back, and here is a gift card to Jimmy Johns for 20 dollars! We're giving away random acts of kindness this month." 

"Oh really?" 

"Absolutely, can you promise me you'll, uh, slow 'er down a little bit there in the future?" 



"Thank you!" 

"Yeah I appreciate it." 

"Amazing, it is always nice to make people smile." 

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