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Superior arsonist receives 18 year sentence, half spent on supervised probation

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On June 21st, 2016 authorities were called to five different fires in Superior.
Including Walmart and two different apartment complexes.
One apartment suffered 100,000 in damage and forced at least one resident to be rescued from a fire escape. 

 "I do recall it was pretty scary for a lot of people for that period of time," said Douglas County District Attorney, Mark Fruehauf.

According to the criminal complaint, Insua said to officers that night "I might be the guy you're looking for" and later admitted to lighting all five fires. 
After serving 525 days at a county jail, Wednesday afternoon, Insua was due in court for his sentencing. 
Both sides made their case and the plaintiff and defense lawyer agreed mental health played a part in what he did. 

The judge took that into consideration but still said Insua's actions were intentional. 

"A bandana on his face, in concealed areas, black clothing, and apparently dismantling smoke detectors," said the judge. 

Joseph Insua, 27, will serve nine years in prison and will serve another nine on supervised probation. Insua will seek treatment for mental health throughout his sentencing. 

"People can't walk away on arson cases, at least not on my watch without having some kind of incarceration that would deter others from doing the same behavior," said the judge.

Though the maximum sentence is 25 years, Fruehauf says he respects the judge's decision. 
"When the judge asked to balance how serious are the charges, what is this person's character, what kind of sentence do we have to in order to protect the public. It's not easy to juggle all of those factors of course but I think the judge looked at all of those factors and crafted the sentence and I think it's appropriate."

Insua apologized for his actions. 

He will also have restitution to pay to the victims and businesses he damaged. 

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