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Duluth seeks public input on federal funding

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In October the Duluth Community Development Committee laid out its plan on how to spend an about 2.8 million dollars in federal funding.

"It's federal money that get's allocated to serve low and moderate income individuals within the city," said Community planning division manager Adam Fulton.

Highlights of this years proposal include $900,000 toward upkeep of affordable housing that already exists, more than $300,000 will go toward helping to improve people's career paths, and $180,000 will be spent on blight removal, park revitalization and a boost for Life House commons.

But, before the committee submitted their proposal to the city council, they sought input from the public.

"We do a thirty day public comment period, and so we've received about 60 written comments during this time period, and we expect to hear from a pretty substantial number of individuals this evening about how this funding can best serve the community," said Fulton.

A lot of people were at Tuesday night's meeting, with more than half a dozen coming forward to share their opinions.
Some just gave a thumbs up.

"I'm here to testify tonight in support of the $20,000 that was proposed in the public services project Community Based Dental Hygienist," said Jessie Peterson of the Lake Superior Community Health Center.

Others came to lobby for their causes.
The cause that drew the largest crowd was the restoration of Keene Creek Park. 
Supporters were looking for the committee to increase funding for the restoration.

"Without this grant funding we will not be able to adequately make improvements to allow people to safely used this park," said Denette Lynch, a concerned citizen.

After listening to everyone, the committee made only one change to their proposal, giving an  $30,000 to the Keene Creek project.

The Community Development Committee will now submit their finalized plan to the city council who will make their decisions on the funding in January.

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