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Sen. Al Franken addresses media as he returns to Congress

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As he returns to work, Senator Al Franken said he's ashamed and embarrassed but he's not resigning. Instead he said he'll make it up to Minnesota, and the people he let down by working hard.

He took the podium Monday afternoon to address media questions regarding the allegations of sexual misconduct he's faced for the past few weeks.

In a roughly six minute news conference, Franken apologized for his behavior and said he has let many people down. He called the situation "completely humbling" and said he never thought allegations like this would be directed at him.

"If you had you know asked me two weeks ago, would any woman come forward with an allegation like this I would have said no."

The allegations began on November 17, when Los Angeles radio host Leeann Tweeden claimed Franken groped her and forcefully kissed her on a 2006 USO tour. 

Since then we've heard from three other women, including Lindsay Menz, who said the Senator groped them while posing for pictures.

Although Franken claims he remembers these moments differently, he said he's taking the allegations seriously. 

"From these stories it's been clear that there are some women and one is too many who feel that I've done something disrespectful and I've hurt them and for that I'm tremendously sorry," he said

In a news conference Monday, Franken doubled down on his decision not to resign, and refused to answer a reporter question asking what sort of allegations would force a resignation.

Instead Franken said he will hold himself accountable by cooperating with an ethics committee investigation, and doing his job as a senator.

He also said he hopes to add to the conversation surrounding sexual assault.

"I'm gonna start my job and I'm going to go back to work," he said. "I'm gonna go work as hard as I can for the people of Minnesota and I'm gonna start that right now."

On Sunday, Franken broke his silence to Minnesota media.

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