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SOULES IN COURT: Attorneys request dropping charges against former 'Bachelor' star

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The hearing to discuss a charge being dropped against former 'Bachelor' star Chris Soules began today at the Buchanan County Court House. 

Soules' attorneys are requesting that the Court grant their motion to dismiss charges against the former Bachelor. According to court documents, his attorneys are arguing a handful of reasons to dismiss the charge such as stopping his vehicle and returning to the injured driver, contacting law enforcement, and arranged for medical treatment. 

In the courtroom today, the prosecution played the 911 call recording, where you can hear Soules saying "I rear-ended a guy on a tractor," the night of the accident. You could hear the dispatchers ask if the man is breathing and Soules responds, "I'm not sure." The dispatcher asks him if he knows CPR to which he responds, "no I don't." The dispatcher then says she will walk him through CPR, and you can hear Soules counting as if he's attempting CPR. Soules then asks if he can call the dispatcher back and proceeds to hang up. 

The defense argued that Soules did the morally responsible and legally required thing to do following the accident, saying he stayed on scene until authorities arrived and that '"no where in the statue does it say how long you need to stay on scene." 

In response to the 911 call, the prosecution argued that Soules never called the dispatcher back after making the original call, and that he remained on scene for 14 minutes or less, and all the witnesses stayed on scene longer than he did. They say that Soules leaving the scene leaves many ambiguities as the why and how the crash happened. 

The state will provide their response to the Judge Tuesday, November 28 at 10:00 a.m.

Reporter Lauren Moss for KBJR 6's sister station KWWL was at the courthouse on Monday- see her live-tweet coverage below: 

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